More than 45 years Providing the Best Quality Service Backed by the best equipment of a High Level Professional


From December 12, 1965, 47 years ago, the Hospital opened its doors called CLINIC SANTA RITA.

Its founding members developed the private hospital activity since November 15, 1947, 65 years ago under the name CLINIC Matter, and later with the closure of the Clinical Matters, constitute a society, Dr. Maria Gabriela Stein Castro and doctors Antonio Portugués  Fucigna  Romano Delcore Soto, Constantino Urcuyo Gallegos, Danilo Rodríguez Herrera, Marino Urpi Rodríguez, Arnoldo Estrada Fernández and Miguel Ortiz Martín.

The medical team started in 1963 the construction of new facilities that opened its doors on December 15, 1965, located south side of the Courts of Justice in San Jose.

Since its inception, the Santa Rita Clinic Hospital provides the services of a clinic specializing in maternity and equipped with the complete set of delivery rooms and specialized medical personnel, then over the years developed as an additional specialty,¨PLASTIC SURGERY¨.

Hospital Clinica Santa Rita is one of the major private health facilities and most prestigious in Costa Rica, which keeps its doors open 24 hours a day, with a full-service nursing staff, medical facility, and specialized professionals


To relieve the pain and illuminate the life

Our commitment is to serve you every day Best.


It is our strong desire and provide excellent quality of care during their stay in the Hospital Clinica Santa Rita.
 The medical staff, nurses and all our service departments are operating with the sole purpose of our patients feel good, enjoy a good recovery, backed by our care and attention ..We hope to meet all their expectations from well.

Hospital will be recognized as the leader in care, service and quality in our specialty areas.

Hospital Clínica Santa Rita